Nick’s Kitchen

The breaded pork tenderloin sandwich … I’ve never had one, and it wasn’t on my bucket list. But when I saw that they were created at Nick’s Kitchen, in Huntington, Indiana, I couldn’t pass it up.



It wasn’t a large or fancy place, and we arrived after the lunchtime rush, so it wasn’t a busy place. For most of our visit the only other customers were a table of local lawyers — perhaps every lawyer in Huntington, Indiana. The “story” of Nick’s on the menu isn’t one that’s likely to be made into a movie anytime soon.



We ordered the Pork Tenderloin, of course. They were out of tomatoes.


How was it? The bites of the sandwich that included bun and mayonnaise and lettuce and onions and pickles were excellent. The bites that were only pork tenderloin were a bit dry. When I mentioned this to my wife after I’d finished the sandwich, she suggested that I should have folded the meat to fit the bun. We also ordered a piece of fresh-made sugar cream pie. It tasted like bread pudding and was very good.


I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t make a special trip, but if I find myself in Huntington, Indiana again, I’ll stop at Nick’s again.

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