OZ Museum

Every time we’ve driven across Kansas, we’ve seen billboards advertising this museum. We felt compelled to stop and see it. There wasn’t much else of interest in the little town of Wamego, and the museum stood out on the main street.

The exhibits featured L. Frank Baum, his OZ books, all aspects of the movie, and other OZ-related productions.

There weren’t many actual artifacts from the movie itself, but they did have a Munchkin costume and one of the flying monkey models.

Video displays throughout the museum gave more information—we watched one of them—and the movie itself played constantly in a theater in the back. We didn’t watch it. (We did overhear the woman at the front desk tell about a guy that spent nine hours in the museum one day.)

My wife was disappointed that there wasn’t a yellow brick road to follow through the museum. I thought it was fairly well done, although somehow it fell short of being great. The gift shop was lame. We were probably there about an hour.

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