Roger Creates a Web Page!

I have now spent two months looking for a new job. The chief thing I’ve learned is that looking for a job is very much like having a job except that nobody pays me to do it. I’ve just about got memorized. I keep checking back on the listing for editor of Arkansas Bride magazine. I’m just not sure if I’m exactly what they’re looking for.

There have been some other odd bits along the way. For example, the placement agency I’m working with gave me a long list of new careers I might want to pursue. There were probably 500 listed, but for some reason, my eye went immediately to “poultry slaughterer.” I gave it some serious thought, but in the end, I chose to stick with writing and editing.

And then, insult of insults, my niece in Florida turned me down for a job as her personal dishwasher because I only wash the sides of the plates that we actually use. Whatever.

I’ve noticed a lot of editing jobs require proficiency in HTML. Prior to this week, everything I knew about HTML could be summed up in this sentence — “It has something to do with computers.” (Actually, I found out that I’ve known a fair amount of HTML for a long time. I just never knew what to call the coding I’ve been doing on my blog for the past 15 years.)

But now I’ve taken an online course and have created my own web page. Watch out world. An exciting new age of the Internet is right around the corner.

You want to see the website? Here it is.

Never mind.

I apparently still don’t know how to make it an actual web page. That’s probably in the next lesson.

But here’s what it would have looked like.

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