Southeastern Colorado

What to do on a Saturday when there’s nothing to do? I drove down to Higbee Canyon south of La Junta, where I’d seen some cool birds last August. Even though I got there much earlier in the day this time, there wasn’t much to see. I did happen upon an old cemetery with gravestones that were apparently hand carved.

The few birds I did spot were far off. Like this Red-headed Woodpecker

And this Blue Grosbeak

I gave up on birding and drove 25 miles or so to cross the border of Baca County in the southwest corner of the state, just so I could color it in on my map. I was tempted to drive another 30 miles into the Oklahoma panhandle, but common sense kicked in just in time. I did find a couple Chihuahuan Ravens on a phone pole.

I stopped for lunch at Lucy’s Tacos in La Junta. The tacos were good, but the guacamole on the chips had the consistency of Elmer’s Glue and had little taste. I also bought a couple Rocky Ford melons at a food stand. On the way back home, I cut north across the Arkansas River into Crowley County. It actually touches El Paso County but I’d never been there because there is nothing there to see. I got home around 4:00 after a very long drive for very few thrills.

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