Summers Riverview Mansion

B&B’s can be iffy sorts of places, in my experience. We once stayed in one in Galena, Illinois that felt like a dorm and didn’t have locks on the doors. We stayed in one in Eureka Springs, Arkansas that didn’t have heat on a night that went down to -2°.

But I was in the mood for adventure, so I reserved rooms for us and our friends at Summers Riverview Mansion in Metropolis. The name doesn’t lie, exactly. We could see the Ohio River if we looked off to the left far enough. But mostly what we saw was the casino across the street.


Henk and his wife manage the place. They were very friendly and accommodating. Whenever we were out of our rooms, Henk was nearby ready to regale us with stories of the house or the area. When I asked if I could get his picture in the chair, he immediately said yes and then struck this pose.


A figurehead from an old steamship stares out from an upstairs window. I can’t explain the extension cord that dangles between his eyes.


The entire home is decorated with antiques.




That’s the entrance hall above. The dining room is on the left below. Our friends had the room on the right.


Here’s our room. I didn’t check, but I’m pretty sure there was no mattress on our bed. It felt more like a sidewalk.


When the hostess took my breakfast plate, I told her I was ready for dessert. She returned with a Hersey’s kiss in a bowl. We very much enjoyed our stay, and although it’s unlikely we’ll ever be seeking another night’s lodging in Metropolis any time soon, if we do, we’ll stay here.

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