There is no end to comics, books, movies, and cartoons about the character. and while I’ve read hundreds of the comics and seen many of the movies, there’s far too much to read/see it all. For the purposes of this post, I’ve looked for the stories and movies that are considered the best.


  • Detective Comics #27—The first Batman story was published in this comic book in May, 1939. It’s a short, simple story about a partner in a chemical company who determines to kill the other three partners and gain control. He manages to kill two of them, but Batman intervenes and stops him from killing the remaining one. The bad guy conveniently falls into a vat of chemicals. The story also introduces Batman’s identity as Bruce Wayne and includes the first appearance of Commissioner Gordon.
  • Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (graphic novel) 1986
  • Batman: Year One (graphic novel) 2007
  • Batman: The Killing Joke (graphic novel) 2008
  • Batman: The Long Halloween (graphic novel) 2011


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